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Changed URL format for graphs

The URL format for graphs was changed in order to overcome the limitation of max 9 plots with max 9 datastreams. The new format now goes as follows:,234,345&;p2=232,342&p3=33,3232…&p99=323. This allows a number of datastreams per plot that is only limited by the maximum lenght of a url. Also, the number of plots is increased from 9 to 99.


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May 26, 2003 at 00:17

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Number of streams per plot is limitation of current reporting framework

The URL scheme for a graph in the reporting framework encodes up to 9 plots consisting of up to 9 data streams. The 9 plots is reasonable. However, the 9 datastreams appears to be quite limiting. For instance, imagine a large website with 20+ servers, wanting to consolidate the hits over all servers.

Note that this limitation is solely in the URL encoding scheme. It has nothing to do with the underlying implementation or even the webservices that are invoked.

Here are 2 ways around this limitation:

  1. Change the scheme from s11=id1&s12=id2&s13=id3 to s1=id1,id2,id3. Here only the lenght limit of a URL limits the number of data streams (what is this lenght limit?). It also opens the way for more than 9 plots, although this maximum is probably quite reasonable
  2. Add a new URL format with an embedded query instead of a plot id. The query would then select the datastreams and automatically consolidate the selected streams into a plot. This would necessarily lead to giving up some control over the final graph. Also, a query syntax needs to be agreed upon.

Both approach seem to have their uses, but since the first is so much easier to implement, it will be implemented. Thus, the sxy=id scheme for specifying datastreams for plots will be changed into sx=id,id,id…

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May 7, 2003 at 22:32

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