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SNMP Poller changes, Phase 1. configuration using server profiles

Currently from Measurements.conf, @Polls, @SnmpParams, and @SampleCollections are filled straight, since the instances are known. This will be impossible in the new poller, since instances need to be discovered. Instead of a single list, there need to be per agent lists of polls, since an agent (ip + port) is the unit of discovery

From the list of configured servers + profiles, the classes for each server can be deduced, and from the ports on the classes the agents can be as well. The list of agents can then be initialized.
Each agent then has a list of polls, consisting of all the measurements that can be done simultaneously, similar to how this is done globally for the current poller.

Since settings that were held in each @Poll record are common to all polls in an agent, they are extracted from the @Poll record and put in the agent. Only pollmodus (frequency) will need to be stored inside the poll. Ip, community, and version go to the agent.

Scheduling code that was scattered in various places in the current poller is factored into a Scheduler class. This removes the necessity to keep a “PollConst” as this kind of housekeeping is done by the scheduler.

The settings file for servers that links them with profiles is a YAML file. It’s format is identical to the one used for the Provisioner application that discovers instances and generates config files currently.


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January 27, 2006 at 16:20

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