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What will change for the SNMP poller

The SNMP poller is stable and works OK, so why do we need to change it?

The answer is that it is tedious to configure and difficult to make configuration changes. This is not so much because it is difficult to do in the poller. It is more that there are other components that have to be configured as well, and in sync with the poller. The metadata in the  cm database has components, measurement types and datastreams that have to match the corresponding entities in the poller. In addition, RRD files need to be created and maintained for historical performance graphs. We are also having problems with servers that are reprovisioned, or replaced with new hardware. There are no tools for deletion or change so all that stuff now has to happen by hand. Clearly that is not a workable solution in the future.

So, what will be done:

  1. Currently all measurements are configured one by one in the SNMP Poller’s Measurements.conf file. The poller will merely be configured with IP addresses and profiles in the future, and through profile setup and discovery figure out by itself what to poll. This paves the way to a fully automatic setup of performance graphs.
  2. The poller will detect changes, by rediscovering upon an agent restart, in addition to time-based, and comparing the results with the previous values. Changes will be reported back to datacollectors, who can act upon it with respect to RRD files and metadata
  3. The poller will handle configuration changes more gracefully. Instead of always reloading the entire configuration, it will try to just handle the changes.
  4. The poller will be able to support polling for other purposes than historical data collection, by providing a means of making subsets of the polled data separately.
  5. Separate instances of the polling engine will be callable through a web interface, in order to obtain live polls for small subsets of the measurements. This information can be used in the portals to show latest values, or even live graphs.

[Update] OK, that description was too careful. Our goal is no less than make configuration and maintenance easy and mostly automatic. Having a stable, but difficult to configure Poller is good, but not good enough.


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January 27, 2006 at 14:33

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