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First multi-agent discovery in production

The first multi-agent discovery was completed succesfully on the Cus X machines in production today. In addition to the normal SSM agent stuff, graphs on the Cus X internal agent (running on port 2024) were discovered as well. The Cus X machines were configured with two profiles, server and cusx. Each profile has associated classes, where each class knows by which agent and on which port it should be discovered.

In another way it was a first too. The Cus X agent stores it’s instances as strings, which translate to SNMP by using the ASCII values of the individual characters, interspersed with dots, and preceded by the string length. For example, “DBC” gets to be “″. This is then tacked onto the generic part of the OID. This kind of SNMP instance resembles the UID based mapping that Weblogic uses. For those that have a soft spot for this kind of wackiness, Weblogic replaces the string length number with a fixed space (32).


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January 30, 2006 at 16:12

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