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It’s official: The iPhone 3G is toilet resistant

On Friday, on a slight belly flu induced toilet visit, the 2 week old iPhone managed to slip out of my rear pocket and into the bowl. I heard the clunk and knew it wasn’t good. Fortunately I hadn’t dropped anything else.

When I fished it out, the screen had turned on and showed proof of Apple’s amazing capability of anticipating usage scenarios:

Then the screen faded. Water had entered the screen and camera. What to do?

When dropping a mobile phone in water, here is what you should do immediately:

  1. Turn phone off
  2. Remove battery

Unfortunately, for number 1 you need a working touch screen, and for number 2 you need to visit the Apple store. The only option was to let it die a painful death. The screen came on a few times, flashing bright white, as iPhone desperately tried to breathe, but it finally died after about 15 minutes.

Not covered, can’t fix, visit Softbank to buy a replacement. This is what the genius in the Apple store told me an hour later. Instead I decided to go to Tokyu Hands and bought a screw driver and a watch case opener. Back home I disassembled the iPhone, and let it dry overnight.

The next morning I put it back together, which was considerably less straight forward than taking it apart. When I finally clicked the screen back into the case, fastened the two screws at the bottom, and  looked at the screen, there was the Apple logo! Some people get warm fuzzy feelings whenever they see the Apple logo. Not me. But this time must have made up for that. iPhone had resurrected. After installing the SIM card, it booted normally, and everything functions OK.

Well, except for the volume up button.


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July 28, 2008 at 13:38

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