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Decafe SMTP server down

Our SMTP serverĀ  is semi-down. I can ping it, but nothing else works, not even a remote reboot. That means mail will be delayed. We will manually reboot it tomorrow morning.


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January 27, 2004 at 21:08

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Server down use case

Today we had another case where a server was down and Micromuse did not pick it up. M mentioned that this is not a Precision problem per se, since he made sure Precision picked up the outage. However, no event appears in Objectserver and thus no ticket gets opened. Can someone (M? W?) investigate where the integration between Precision and Objectserver fails? Perhaps the event does come in, but with unexpected or wrong fields, so that it goes unnoticed.

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January 21, 2004 at 16:34

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Siebel01 was down

While looking at why the Siebel website did not work, or why no tickets were created, I found that Siebel01 was switched off!

After booting it up, the Siebel services did not start due to a login failure. Since they try to login as local administrator, changing the password to the new value solved that.

Siebel now works properly again. However, as in the case with the SourceForge problem last friday, this server outage was not picked up by Micromuse.

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January 21, 2004 at 16:02

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Again, the URL is the ID. If we add the intrinsic ID, then this will cause confusion and some people will use the intrinsic ID, where we should really use the URL. Therefore, I propose we stick to the URL only for now.



If the ID carries different information, such as a name, then it may be present using a different tag, such as <name>

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January 8, 2004 at 14:58

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